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With the help of our database marketing partner, Omeda, we now have two million unique subscribers and customers all in one integrated database and are selectable by demographics, preferences, etc. We use these selects to promote email messages, list rental fulfillment and for all sorts of promotional uses in the company.
Nick Cavnar
Vice President
Circulation & Database Development
Hanley Wood

Technology | Database

The database is your most important information asset. It should drive your marketing. It's also our core competency. Our proprietary RDBMS design is adaptive. That is, it's designed to support and store all the information you need for effective marketing over time. It's also integrated into all our application and API offerings, offering consistency, predictability, and of course, one view of the customer.


Database – singular, not plural. Why have separate databases for separate applications, and deal with the pitfalls of mapping and merging, prioritization and purging? You want your data to be consistent across all your applications. That's why it only makes sense to have them driven by the same database. Whether you're collecting data from web pages or queing APIs, browsing your data in OnQ, or producing an email deployment in Omail, one database, your database, is the hub. And, in our view, a database isn't really a database if it isn't collecting the feedback data, too. If you are using Omail link tracking, or our proprietary Olytics customer behavioral tracking, that data flows back into your database to complete and renew the cycle of data-driven marketing.


In addition to the standard data you capture about your customers, our extensible approach allows us to store custom demographic and behavioral information too. Do you have brands or properties in disparate industry verticals? No problem. Each brand can be defined to store information specific to its interests. And, as your data requirements change over time we know it is sometimes necessary to expand your database in ways that you hadn't forseen. We work with you as a partner to understand your needs and then implement best approaches to incorporate this data into your database to suit your marketing goals.