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The proliferation of advertising and marketing materials is at saturation point. Millions of dollars are wasted each day trying to reach target audiences through a 'shot gun' approach to marketing. Imagine if you could reach your target not as a mass but as an individual? Almost tap them on the shoulder and say "we understand your needs." Imagine the money saved, or better yet earned. Imagine the power at your fingertips. This is the power of Omeda. Using our vast knowledge of data management and a raft of cutting edge tools we help you unlock the information stored in your systems and utilize its full potential.

We will serve as your Marketing Department's dedicated IT Department. We understand that "Marketers are insatiable" and being marketing people ourselves, we embrace this fact, and have built our company to handle your ever-changing demands. We do this by taking data from all your disparate sources and organizing it so it is easy to understand, and easy to use for sales, marketing, and CRM initiatives. For instance, have you ever experienced the difficulty of taking demographic, sales, product and history data and putting them together? That's what we do on a daily basis through one cohesive marketing portal that is accessible to all your people.

There is a difference. At Omeda, we put you in complete control of the power of your data by enabling you to manage it through a series of innovative, interactive database marketing services.