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Data-driven email deployments. This is more than an "upload and blast" email deployment tool. It's integrated with your database, which means all the behavioral information (link-tracking, opt-ins, opt-outs, email responses, etc.) flows back into your database. Furthermore, you can use Omail in conjunction with Olytics to capture individual's site behavior if they arrive at your content site via an Omail deployment.

Use content templates to assemble HTML and/or text emails. Trigger follow-up emails based on responses to deployments earlier in your campaign. And now, we have a truly dynamic rule-based content management system to drive customized content that is entirely driven by the data in your database.

Of course Omail also provides you with all the important reports you need to understand how your email deployments are performing. It also integrates data seamlessly back to OnQ which means you can reduce list fatigue by deploying select individuals using information about when they last received or responded to a deployment. We also have a unique proprietary "Future Fatigue Calendar" feature which allows to ascertain whether any of the recipients you are selecting for a new deployment are scheduled to receive other communications from your firm on or around that date.

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